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Works with: Aurora/Model Motoring, AFX, AW, Hornby, Life-Like, Marchon, Tyco, SCX 1:43 and more!

Patent Pending:  The design and utility of these borders is so cool, I filed for a patent

The median walls are high enough to catch de-slotted cars.

Eliminates Lane Advantage

No more bouncing off the guard rail at full speed.  SlotBorders skid aprons require skill and help turn a kid’s toy into a competitive adult hobby.


Catches De-slotted Cars

Improves Authenticity

SlotBorders track borders can be painted to look real.  The chamfered edges simulate a grassy-edge and the median looks like a real cement barrier - providing excellent dioramas.


 Slot Car Track Borders for H.O. & 1:43 Scale Racing

(aka Skid Aprons, Speed Corners or Shoulders)